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Synergy Link Capital.

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What we do

Synergy Link Capital specializes in crafting and implementing sophisticated derivative trading strategies aimed at delivering exceptional returns.

Our traders and researchers collaborate to find opportunities in the markets, test these ideas through our research framework, before crafting a strategy and deploying capital to trade these strategies.

As such, we constantly seek to improve our quantitative and macro research process to generate a constant flow of executable trade ideas. Coupling this with our proprietary risk management system, we continue to find our edge in the market.


Our approach integrates diverse trading strategies, allowing us to swiftly adapt to evolving market dynamics while steadfastly adhering to our foundational strategies.


Our blend of detailed quantitative analysis and broad macroeconomic research empowers us to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Our Investment Strategy can be defined by two general styles


Mean Reversion

Commodities & Index Arbitrage

Volatility Arbitrage


Global Macro

Systematic Trend Following


Our investment philosophy, characterized by a dual-strategy approach, ensures strategic diversity and proficiency in navigating varied market conditions.

We take a quantitative approach to research

The synergistic partnership between our researchers and traders enables rapid identification and evaluation of opportunities, leveraging our advanced proprietary tools.

Who are we?

Synergy Link Capital's partners have a combined experience of years trading various markets.

Founded in , we have successfully traversed multiple risk events over the years. These experiences have shaped our trading and risk management strategies, allowing us to better adapt to the markets.

Our team, a collective of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, is united in their commitment to explore and excel in various market domains.

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